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Our Philsophy

Ickes Holt is a small business and divorce law firm located in Stow, Ohio, concentrating in the areas of Information  Civil Litigation, Business Law, Data Security, Legal Marijuana Law, Divorce, and Real Estate Law. 

Client Focused

Ickes Holt provides unparalleled client service.  The firm focuses on building long-term and trusted relationships – not merely a business transaction.

Ickes Holt is located in Stow, Ohio, the crossroads of Summit and Portage Counties.   Our attorneys are available when you are.  While office hours are between 8am and 5pm, evening and weekend appointments are available.  Unlike most law firms, the attorneys at Ickes Holt will come to you if necessary, at no additional cost.

ICKES\HOLT is a mobile law firm. We conduct our business & cases on the go.   ICKES\HOLT utilizes technology to represent you in the most responsive and efficient ways possible.  We replaced our landline with an Internet based virtual phone system.  This allows you to direct dial your attorney without having to get through a “gatekeeper.”  Also, it allows us to “un-tether” from our desks.  That is, we don’t have to be in the office to receive your call.  When you call, we will answer if available.  If we can’t answer, we receive an email on our mobile device with your voicemail.  We use smartphone apps for mobile billing and email, which allows us to easily handle administrative chores outside of the office which creates more office time to work on your case.   We use laptops and Cloud storage so we don’t have to be sitting at our desk to access important email and documents or to work on your case.

As information security and privacy professionals, we not only understand privacy and security, we value your confidence in our ability to protect your privacy.  That is why we send privileged or sensitive information via encrypted email.  We keep your paper case file to a minimum to prevent duplicated information.  We never share your personally identifiable information, or any information, with anyone unless you provide consent.  We will aggressively defend your right to protect personal information no matter the context of your case.

Ickes Holt will give you an opinion of your case during our initial consultation. We will give you our best analysis of your case based on the information you provide.  If we need more information, we will tell you.  We won’t make you hire us to “explore” the case more fully.  If we don’t think you have a case, we’ll tell you.  We won’t take a case we don’t believe in just to earn a paycheck.  That’s not fair to us or to our clients. Our clients and cases reflect on our team and our business.  We want good cases and good clients.  You can’t get good resolutions to cases that have bad facts and bad law.

All legal matters, whether litigation, business transaction, or estate planning, should have a beginning, middle, and most definitely an end.  While the length of any legal matter is often determined by outside forces (like the courts or the opposing party), a lawyer’s primary job should be to reach as positive an outcome as possible, as quickly as possible.  Ickes Holt will always be clear about projecting the anticipated timeline of a legal matter, as well as the status of a pending matter.  We can’t predict everything that will happen in your case, or how long it will take.  But we can give you an opinion of how things will proceed based on our experience.  Clients are entitled to know how their matter is proceeding and what to expect in the future.  Our team is always available to talk.  After all, it is your legal matter.

Do you think of these qualities when you think of lawyers? At Ickes Holt, we believe you should. Attorneys are advocates and counselors. Clients trust us with their businesses, families, and sometimes, their very freedom. Our clients often come to us during uncertain, stressful, and important points in their lives. They rely on us for good advice. At Ickes Holt, we believe any competent legal advice must take into account the client’s circumstances and feelings. Sure, we are a business. But shouldn’t we also care? Shouldn’t clients demand a certain level of these qualities?

We think so.  That is why the attorneys at Ickes Holt strive for unparalleled levels of professionalism, integrity, compassion, and sincerity.  We believe that as lawyers, we need to earn your trust.  Trust does not magically happen when you hire us.  In fact, many people inherently don’t trust the lawyer they just hired.  To us, that is a shame, and we work hard every day to earn our client’s trust.

Team Driven

Ickes Holt is a team.  Unlike many small law firms, we aren’t a collection of lawyers doing their own things and sharing an office.  We work on cases together.  We believe that our collective intelligence and experience is far greater than our individual talents.  We also believe that collaboration is the best means to solve problems. Our office and business model are intended to foster collaboration.  This teamwork also greatly enhances Ickes Holt’s ability to exceed client expectations in two traditional “problem” areas for lawyers: coverage and communication.

Lawyers are busy and lead their own personal lives. Sometimes court appearances and appointments can end up conflicting with other cases, unexpected court hearings, or even sick kids. At Ickes Holt, if that happens, another attorney can step in and handle the situation effectively because all lawyers are up to speed on all the Firm’s cases.

When you call the Firm, any attorney will be able to talk to you about your case intelligently. At ICKES\HOLT, you will never feel that you have been handed off to a junior attorney who doesn’t know you or your case.
Our philosophy is that smart, accomplished attorneys working together on a matter provides maximum benefit to the client.


Ickes Holt is committed to providing top quality legal representation within a reasonable budget. How is that possible?
Clients don’t trust hourly billing. We get it. At Ickes Holt, we hope to form a longstanding professional relationship with our clients based on mutual respect and trust. Until then, Ickes Holt provides clients with detailed breakdowns of services performed and costs. If you have an issue with your bill, you will speak with the attorney handling your matter – not a bookkeeper or office administrator. Hiring a lawyer is a big deal. So, Ickes Holt strives to give potential clients with a clear outline of anticipated costs prior to starting any legal work, so they can make an informed decision about which lawyer to hire.
Your legal matter is not a blank check for us. We live on a budget and realize that you probably do as well. We know it is better for most people and businesses to have a fixed cost for services. So, Ickes Holt provides many of its services for a flat rate, regardless of the time needed to complete the job. Even if we can’t do your legal work on a flat fee, we will provide a projected budget. And guess what? If we give you a budget, we will honor it.
At Ickes Holt, we strongly believe that having two attorneys present for meetings, hearings, and trials greatly benefits our clients. So, unless otherwise agreed to, Ickes Holt will never charge a client for two lawyers’ participation when one lawyer customarily participates. And we will explain what that means before you hire us, not after.
Ickes Holt’s business model is simple and intentional. We are a small business serving small businesses and our local community. So, we keep our overhead low and pass that savings on to the clients. We believe that large, flashy offices never closed a transaction or won a lawsuit. So, we maintain a small and serviceable office space. We believe that postage and copies are outdated client expenses. So, whenever possible, we use email, e-fax, or file transfer services to transmit documents. We use technology to limit office supplies & equipment and keep paper files to a minimum. The leaner our firm is, the more efficient and cost-effective we can be for our clients.

If you need an business attorney or have matters in family law in the Stow or surrounding areas, contact the attorneys at Ickes Holt for a consultation.

It would be our great pleasure to help.

We had a dispute with a landscape/lawn company that needed resolved. Ickes Holt Law Firm did a fantastic job! Joel Holt was knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We received exactly what was owed to us in a timely manner. The transaction was seamless and worry free. We will definitely use Ickes Holt again. Highly recommended!

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