Ohio Legalizes Hemp

cannabis leaves

Governor Michael Dewine signed Ohio Senate Bill 57 this morning that officially legalized industrial hemp and products made from its active ingredient, cannabidiol or CBD, in the state of Ohio. After months of uncertainty as to whether Ohio retailers could stock their shelves with CBD-based products, heightened by the embargoing of products by the state of Ohio in recent months, There is no doubt now. Retailers in Ohio can now legally sell hemp and CBD based products; however, before Ohio grown hemp will make its way to market, Ohio farmers and processors will have to wait until the Ohio Department of Agriculture develops regulations and gets them approved by the USDA.

With a quick Google search it’s fairly easy to learn about the many benefits and opportunities associated with the hemp plant. However, one must not enter into the hemp or cannabis space without having a full comprehension of the legal risk involved and understanding the importance of legal compliance. For more information about hemp or the cannabis industry, please feel free to reach out to one of our experienced lawyers.

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