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Litigation Attorneys Who Will Fight for You

Take Advantage of Our 25 Years of Ligitation Experience

The right to litigate in court is one of the most important and fundamental rights guaranteed under the U.S. and Ohio constitutions. Whether as a plaintiff or defendant, litigation provides an opportunity to seek justice for wrongs in court. Litigation provides a check on the power of government and other entities with the resources to take advantage of those without. An attorney grants access to the court system. The right attorney gives litigants a chance to obtain resolution to a dispute, whether through settlement or trial.

However, litigation is almost never a good first option. Protracted litigation can financially devastate individuals and small to mid-size businesses. The threat of litigation is very real, and Ickes Holt takes that threat seriously. Clients should proactively seek to mitigate potential exposure to litigation. Ickes Holt helps its clients do so by: (1) determining existing vulnerabilities; (2) monitoring for future threats; and (3) providing practical business planning advice with a mind towards avoiding disputes which could lead to litigation.

What are Litigation Attorneys?

When you find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute, a litigation attorney is the person you need at your side. These skilled legal professionals have years of experience navigating the complex and often ambiguous process of litigation. Whether you are facing a personal injury claim or dealing with an employment contract dispute, their expertise can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

At the heart of litigation attorneys’ expertise lies their deep understanding of the law. They know exactly what constitutes grounds for a lawsuit and can help you build a strong case to push for compensation or uphold your rights. Their knowledge also extends to courtroom procedures and legal strategies, giving them an edge when it comes time to make arguments and fight for your cause.

Beyond their legal knowledge, litigation attorneys also bring key interpersonal skills to every case. You can trust them to communicate effectively with judges, opposing counsel, and witnesses on your behalf, keeping your case moving ahead smoothly while ensuring that all parties remain informed and engaged throughout all stages of litigation.

So if you are facing a legal dispute of any kind, the smartest choice you can make is to enlist the services of a litigation attorney.

Jim Ickes is the most empathetic and down to earth attorney that I have ever met. He is a consummate professional, responsive and timely.

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When Litigation Cannot Be Prevented

Sometimes, despite best efforts, litigation cannot be prevented. The team at Ickes Holt has nearly 25 years of combined litigation experience in state and federal courts and brings that experience to bear on behalf of its clients. While it makes sense to do everything possible to avoid litigation, should the need arise, Ickes Holt is committed to representing its clients with skill, passion, and integrity.

Litigation is a serious situation with serious ramifications and is not something that should be considered lightly. Clients need clear advice to determine whether filing or aggressively defending a lawsuit is the correct choice for them. Further, the civil litigation process is governed by strict deadlines and rules. If you are involved in litigation, an attorney is essential to protect your interests. Ickes Holt has the experience, skill, and dedication to represent you in court or administrative proceedings.

Ickes Holt is full-service, client focused, and team-minded. Clients can expect a team of professionals to work hard at providing solutions that make sense. Clients are an integral part of the team, and clients can expect collaboration and responsiveness.  Ickes Holt strives to be a different type of law firm and to provide its client with a different type of legal experience.