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Business Lawyer in Stow, OH

The legal aspects of owning a business in the United States can be confusing for many people. For individuals with no business or legal background, it is even more difficult to understand which laws they must obey and when they need to seek legal help in Ohio—this is why hiring an experienced business lawyer in Stow is so important when starting a company.

Business lawyers can focus on a variety of business areas like contract law, copyright issues, property issues, tax laws and much more. For example, when entering into any type of contractual agreement with another person or company, having an attorney review the terms is highly recommended because they are very familiar with the legal language involved in these types of documents. They can ensure the terms are fair and that they protect both parties involved in a contract.

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Businesses also have to comply with local, state and federal laws, so it is important for company owners to understand which rules apply—for instance, they must file their tax returns on time, regardless of how much or little they owe, and failure to do this can lead to fines, penalties and even imprisonment.

Another reason many people hire business attorneys is because business owners are often sued by other companies or individuals for money related issues. A civil litigation attorney will be able to advise them on their legal rights and which course of action to take.

Your Stow Business lawyer for small businesses and startups

When you need legal assistance for your Stow, Ohio business, Ickes Holt is the place to turn. Our attorneys can assist in every aspect from planning and funding transactions through contract review or litigation when necessary; we’re even outside general counsel!

Divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life, and you have the right to expect that your lawyer will treat it with sensitivity. Ickes Holt provides this level of care through their personalized service during what can be an emotional process for many people going through a divorce.

Ickes Holt is the law firm you want to turn to if your case has trial implications. For over 35 years, they have been representing clients in civil and commercial litigation across a wide array of circumstances with success stories that range from state courts to the Federal level.

The cybersecurity and legal cannabis industry is two of the most booming industries in today’s world. Ickes Holt focuses its regulated industries practice on these two lucrative areas, which have earned them certification as experts with expert knowledge that can be used by companies across North America.

The Only Law Firm You Need For Your Business

While there are many attorneys who specialize in only one type of law, business lawyers can handle most areas of business-related legal issues. They can also act as mediators between departments within a company to reduce any potential conflicts that may lead to lawsuits or other serious problems which could negatively affect the company.

A business attorney is an integral part of running a business because they can help companies avoid legal problems, make sure all local, state and federal laws are followed and ensure that contracts are fair to both parties.

By far the most professional and considerate attorneys we have worked with! We retain their services on a regular bases to assist with our business legal needs and they have always delivered a fast turn around and incredible service. Highly recommend working with them. – Refresh Companies

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