Ickes Holt Represents Local Business in Suit Against Amazon

amazon sued by local business

On July 21, 2017, Ickes Holt filed a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Ohio against Amazon on behalf of a local mobile electronics manufacturer.  The suit alleges that Amazon, in conjunction with third party manufacturers and retailers, fulfilled customer orders with counterfeit and knock-off merchandise.

The lawsuit alleges a pattern of conduct by Amazon minimizing the value of the plaintiff’s intellectual property and a failure to effectively respond to plaintiff’s complaints.  The lawsuit points out flaws in Amazon’s distribution and retailer structure which allow counterfeiters to easily sell products to customers seeking genuine products.

A summary of the complaint was posted today on Courthouse News Service can be found here.

While Courthouse News Service sought comment from Amazon, they did not contact Ickes\Holt for comment prior to posting the article.

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