Ickes Holt Featured Speakers at All Ohio Counselor’s Conference

ickes holt featured speakers

Ickes Holt had the pleasure to present a seminar at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference (“AOCC”) in Columbus. From their website:

Supported by the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA) and the Ohio School Counselors Association (OSCA), the All Ohio Counselors Conference is the leading professional development conference in the state of Ohio for licensed counselors, counseling students, supervisors, and counselor educators who work in a clinical/community, school, college, addiction, private practice, or other related setting.

Ickes Holt presented a 90 minutes seminar on Information Security and Privacy for Mental Health Professionals. The seminar focused on educating mental health professionals about the Privacy and Security Rules of HIPAA and associated regulations, as well as external and internal threats, ethical handling of subpoenas, and how to accept and bear the legal and ethical obligations imposed by HIPAA. The seminar focused on implementing a written information security program and best practices regarding psychotherapy notes and addressable items, such as encryption.

Ickes Holt believes that mental health professionals remain an under-educated and under-served area in information security and privacy law. A unique sector of healthcare, mental health professionals maintain some of the most important and sensitive information possible about their patients. Further, the entire basis of the patient-counselor relationship is based in confidentiality and trust. It is imperative that patients trust their counselor so they can receive the help they need. Finally, mental health professionals keenly understand the sensitive nature of the patient-counselor relationship and greatly value confidentiality.

For these reasons, Ickes Holt is committed to supporting mental health professionals maintain and safeguard patient privacy. If your mental health care practice has questions about HIPAA, information security, patient privacy, or issues regarding lawful disclosures of patient information, please feel free to contact us today. We are happy to help.

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