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The Importance of Antenuptial Agreements

When you get married, you’re hoping you’ve found a partner to spend the rest of your life with, but it’s no secret that fifty percent of these well-intentioned unions end in divorce.

A contested divorce can destroy the financial future for both spouses and their children, plunging solidly middle-class families into poverty.

For this reason, many couples are creating and signing antenuptial agreements that spell out the financial terms of their future divorce.

In order to be effective, an antenuptial agreement must be legally valid and properly executed, so it’s important to hire an experienced Stow Ohio attorney that can help you get the job done right.

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What Can Be Protected With An Antenuptial Agreement?

If you’re bringing assets such as a business, inheritance or home into the marriage, it’s especially important to have a carefully drafted Ohio antenuptial agreement that states these assets remain yours if you divorce.

Without this agreement, an Ohio court could determine that these assets became marital due to commingling of the marital funds or due to efforts your spouse made to increase the value of the assets.

Ohio antenuptial agreements are especially important for second marriages where the spouses would like to set aside property for the adult children from their first marriage. It’s possible to include the amount and duration of spousal support in an antenuptial agreement, but the court can modify these terms if they believe they’re unfair at the time the divorce is filed.

Child support and custody cannot be agreed to in an Ohio antenuptial agreement because these issues must always be decided based on the best interests of the child.

Stow Ohio Antenuptial Agreement Attorney

Whether you’re coming into a marriage with a vast fortune or just getting started with a brilliant career, an Ohio antenuptial agreement can clarify what you’ll walk away if the marriage ends in divorce. The best way to ensure your financial future is to speak to an experienced Stow Ohio antenuptial agreement attorney about drafting and executing a contract prior to your wedding.

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